MANGO..uum Premium Packaging One  Dozen (Typically 12 to 14)

In line with our tagline of "GoldChain Experience to Sense", packaging plays a pivotal role. Being the first physical #Experience #TouchPoint, all our Premium Alphonso Mangoes from MANGO..uum comes in #ExportClass packaging.

Our One-dozen packaging is extremely "wholesome" and is favourite choice for consumption along family and friends.

Buying 3 kilograms of MANGO..uum Premium Alphonso mangoes means you'll get a good amount to enjoy. You can eat them as they are or use them in different recipes. But besides being delicious, MANGO..uum Premium Alphonso mangoes also have health benefits. Eating them can be good for your overall well-being.

Below get the virtual showcase of what you'll receive. Feel free to interact with the 3D model, check Youtube Videos or be mesmerized by THE Show-stopper!

Mangos Direct From Farms

The Showstopper - MANGO..uum Premium Packaging - 3 Kgs.

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