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Dashavatar (दशावतार ), translating to "ten avatars," is an ancient theatrical tradition from the Konkan region of Maharashtra, India. It serves as a vibrant medium for storytelling. Adorned in splendid costumes and intricate makeup, performers transport spectators into a realm where myth and artistry intertwine seamlessly. Premium Alphonso Mangoes from MANGO..uum are deeply rooted in Konkan. The Taste, Texture, and Aroma transcend you to Experience the unknown. No wonder our creative team felt Dashavatar would be a perfect match to represent our Ethos, our DNA, and our Alphonso!

100% Premium Alphonso Mangoes


Geographical Indication (IPR)


No harmful chemicals


No Agents Involved


Easily Peels Off


Smooth Pulp


Premium Export Quality

Shreevali Agro®, our success is rooted in meticulous care throughout our value chain. This journey transforms humble mangoes from farm to table into a symphony of quality and precision. It all begins in our sun-kissed orchards, where skilled farmers diligently nurture each mango, ensuring a bountiful harvest.

Our commitment to excellence extends further with the integration of GoldenChain Tech. This revolutionizes our process, enhancing efficiency and quality through advanced monitoring and optimization techniques. This fusion of technology with traditional practices elevates our produce to unmatched standards.

Upon arrival at our facilities, each mango undergoes a thorough cleansing, drying and grading / sorting process, meticulously carried out to maintain purity and consistency. Our packaging unit completes the final act, cradling each mango with the utmost care, reflecting our dedication to presentation and quality. As prominent brand MANGO..uum® in Mumbai, we pride ourselves on offering the finest Premium Devgad Alphonso Mango at competitive prices. Our commitment to quality extends globally, with export services catering to customers worldwide and wholesale dealers in Mumbai. With transparent pricing and a reputation for excellence, we ensure a seamless buying experience, making us your ultimate source for premium mangoes in bulk. Order the juiciest mangoes online from Shreevali Agro®, where quality meets convenience. Explore our selection of premium Alphonso mangoes and enjoy doorstep delivery. With transparent pricing and a seamless shopping experience, satisfy your mango cravings with just a few clicks.

Contact us for the freshest Alphonso mangoes at unbeatable wholesale rates, making us your go-to source for premium mangoes in bulk.

3rd Generation Alphonso Mango Farmers who operate as Alphonso Mangoes Exporter, mango wholesale dealer in Mumbai as well sell Online Mangoes in Mumbai and across India. We are committed to ensure that the best mangoes reach your doorstep through a farm-to-fork process with no agents involved.

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