We at Shreevali Agro®, a company dedicated to bringing to your doorstep the best of Alphonso Mangoes from the Heart of Konkan - Devgad, Malvan and similar places in the region of Sindhudurg district. Shreevali Agro® has taken up the mantle of setting standards and corporatising an otherwise unorganized sector.

What’s more special is we bring you our GoldChain Technology where you can get the #FarmToFork experience with the assurance of every process of supply chain behind it. That’s 100% traceability and 100% transparency for Premium Alphonso Export Quality Mangoes

Mangoes plucked at the right maturity stage through trained and experienced hands, quality processes as per export norms set up by the Maharashtra State Agriculture Marketing Board, and scientifically devised packing ensure that Mango Magic mangoes stand out with unique taste and quality of true Alphonso Mangoes.

We do the right thing to provide you the best.

Technologist all over the globe have recommend that Mangoes should be plucked from the tree when they are 85% matured instead of 100%. But this process of plucking is carried out purely on basis of experience and hence to be doubly sure that the mangoes selected are of the right 85% maturity, all the Alphonso Mangoes are plucked purely from the experience of the farmers over the years

Disinfectant Scrub
Post harvest, each Mango is scrubbed with cloth dipped in natural disinfectant. This pain-staking activity has 2-fold benefits. Firstly, it helps removes any tree-sap which gives blemishes to lovely thin mango skin. Secondly, any sort of microbial infestation is eradicated at very initial stage.
Many producers spray harmful chemicals to avoid this labor-intensive (read cost investment) process. But Shreevali Agro believes this pain-staking process goes a long way in providing best experience of premium Alphonso Mango.

Right Weight & Size
The most common problem in Alphonso Mangoes is spongy tissue problem and it is very high in mangoes weighing more than 275 grams.

Hence as recommended by technologist mangoes weighing between 200 grams to 250 grams are selected and for uniform size packaging graded in the state of art fully automatic grading machine. And further depending upon their weight corresponding numbers of mangoes are packed to sum up to a cumulative weight of 6 kgs. Which means if 250 gms of mangoes are selected then 24 Nos of them are packed in, and accordingly 26 nos. or 30 nos. would go into the box incase they are of 225 gms or 200 gms respectively.

Most of the conventional traders to take advantage of the early season high steeping prices of the mangoes make use of chemical called sodium carbide to ripen the mangoes faster. But the fact is, that such mangoes get ripened only externally but remain sour internally. Mangoes are ripened using Legal and Hygienic methods. Team of ripening experts monitor the ripening process, till the colour of the mangoes change from green to golden yellow and starts imparting its unique sweet aroma of Genuine Alphonso.

The true GoldChain experience right to your senses
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