5 Ways To Identify Real Devgad Alphonso Mangoes

April 20, 2021
An easy guide for identifying the honest & Real Devgad Alphonso (Hapus) mangoes from the various lookalike variants from other regions sold as originals.

Summer of 2021. Bright sun and blooming flowers but equally disturbing re-emergence of COVID. Optimistic will look for time spent with family and the sweetness and aroma of Premium Alphonso Mangoes from Devgad.

Being the 3rd generation of Alphonso Mango farmers and traders, we believe customers still need to get the real deal! There are so many posts on Facebook, Instagram, and WhatsApp. It's not one's fault if cheap thrills are sold to you. Not only mangoes from north of Konkan but also Karnataka are tagged as Alphonso!

Let's solve this Rubik's cube of authenticity of premium Alphonso Mangoes.

1. Aroma  

It is one of the key indicators. Original Hapus gives a very noticable natural aroma. Especially during ripening, the room will have aroma throughout.

2. Look

Firstly, visually the Alphonso should look plumpy and roundish (not too much tappering down like the other variants). The region of stem should bit shallow compared to its 'shoulders'. Typical bollywood Mumbai Bhai attitude, shoulder high and full bhai-giree!! After all this is king of kings!

3. Color

The naturally grown mangoes show hues of yellow, green, and red on the top. It’s not fully yellow

4. Skin

Real Hapus mango skin has to feel thin unlike the other look-alike variants where the skin is thicker.

5. Taste & Texture

When you cut and the taste the fruit it should be less fibrous. It has a distinct taste. After you have consumed that taste should linger on your tongue. The experience should be like listening to you favourite song, once you listen in the morning you are humming it in your head throughout the day!
A very recent news piece from Zee News clearly illustrates the infiltration of the cheap lookalike variants that are being sold in the market and innocent buyers are being fooled to buy these.
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