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February 5, 2024


Welcome to Shreevali Agro! We're a family of mango farmers, now in our third generation, carrying forward a tradition of excellence. Our joy lies in sharing the best Alphonso mangoes from India with you. In the heart of our country, we cultivate these mangoes with care and dedication. As reputable Indian Mango Exporters, our commitment is to deliver the finest mangoes to global markets, ensuring a delectable taste of India worldwide. With a focus on quality and authenticity, we take pride in being reliable suppliers of premium mango varieties. Our dedication to excellence and sustainable farming practices set us apart in the industry.

We cherish the age-old practice of growing exceptional mangoes, passing down our knowledge from generation to generation. However, we're rooted in the past and keep an eye on the future. We bring our delicious mangoes to people worldwide by connecting with the global fruit market. It's not just about farming for us; it's about sharing a piece of our heritage with you. Join us in savoring the rich taste of tradition blended with the promise of a bright future. Contact us, where the legacy of three generations meets the exciting world of mango farming.

Our Journey:

In India, where the soil is rich, and the land is full of life, Shreevali Agro began its journey. We started small but increased in businesses where we sell to other businesses (B2B), directly to customers (B2C), and in exporting goods to other places. We care a lot about making good things last and finding new and better ways to do things. Because of this, more and more people know and trust us regarding growing mangoes.

Our roots go deep into the ground like a mango tree's roots reaching into the soil. From this starting point, we've become a significant and robust force in different business areas. We sell our products to other businesses, we sell them straight to people like you, and we even send our goods to other parts of the world.

Our promise to always make things of high quality makes us stand out. This means our mangoes are delicious, and our methods suit the earth. We also like to think of new and intelligent ways to do things. It's like finding a better way to water the mango trees or a new way to ensure the fruits are always healthy.

In the big world of mango farming, we are a name that people rely on. We are proud of our journey so far and keep looking for ways to improve it. Whether you are a business looking for the best mangoes or someone who loves the sweet taste of this tropical fruit, Shreevali Agro is here for you. Our journey continues, and we are excited to share the goodness of our mangoes with everyone.

Premium Alphonso Mangoes:

Experience the delectable flavor of our premium Alphonso mangoes, widely regarded as the "King of Mangoes." These mangoes are unique, with an exotic aroma, mouth-watering taste, and a velvety texture. We take great care in every step of the growing process, ensuring that each mango is of the utmost quality.

Our commitment to excellence begins in the orchard, where we nurture the mango trees with care and attention. As the mangoes ripen under the sun, we carefully handpick them to guarantee peak freshness. From the orchard, the mangoes make their way to your table, ensuring you experience the finest flavor with every bite. Savor the richness of our Alphonso mangoes, a testament to the passion and dedication we pour into cultivating these exceptional fruits. We take pride in delivering mangoes that meet and exceed the highest standards of quality and taste. Experience the royal treat of the King of Mangoes with our premium Alphonso mangoes.

Innovative Post-Processing:

At Shreevali Agro, we do farming in a new way. After growing Alphonso mangoes, we do extraordinary things to them before sending them to other countries. We use hot water treatment, de-sapping, and sometimes modified vapor heat treatment. These methods make the mangoes better. They taste perfect and last longer, so we can send them to other countries without any problems. We aim to ensure people in different parts of the world can enjoy our tasty mangoes. We want to share the unique taste of Alphonso mangoes with everyone. This is why we use innovative ways to process them, making them perfect for export to other countries.

How one can Expand Global Reach:

To grow worldwide, joining fruit trade shows is a smart move. These events help you connect with global markets, make friends, and display what you sell. If you plan well and participate wisely in these shows, you can make your mark in the world, making essential links and getting your brand ready for success. When you participate in fruit trade shows, you meet people worldwide. It's like a big meeting where everyone talks about fruits and business. This is an excellent chance to show off what you have and let people know about your company. By doing this, you are opening doors to new opportunities. People might want to buy your fruits or work with you in different countries.

So, if you want more people to know about your fruits and business, join these shows. It's like making new friends and telling them all about the tasty fruits you have. This way, you become a part of the big global family of fruit sellers and buyers.

Key Fruit Trade Shows:

Fruit Logistica is a unique event where experts in the fruit and vegetable business from around the globe come together. This show covers fresh produce, the newest ideas, things you can buy, and services for each part of the international supply chain. It's like a big meeting for essential people in the industry, where they can make friends and talk about what's happening.

If you love the taste of delicious Alphonso mangoes, then Shreevali Agro has something exciting for you. We want to share the goodness of our top-quality mangoes with you. Join us at the upcoming fruit trade shows, like Fruit Logistica, where you can connect with us. We invite you to join the joy and tradition of enjoying mangoes.

Conclusion -

At Shreevali Agro, we're all about keeping traditions alive and growing excellence. Come with us on a journey filled with unique flavors and the best nature offers. Let's create a world where everyone can experience the happiness of enjoying the goodness of mangoes. Shreevali Agro - Bringing Tradition to Life, Growing Excellence Together. 

Our passion revolves around preserving traditions and fostering excellence. Our journey is a delightful exploration of distinct flavors and nature's finest gifts. Together, let's build a world where everyone can share the joy of savoring the goodness of mangoes. Shreevali Agro is not just a brand; it's a commitment to bringing tradition to life and cultivating excellence collectively. Join us in celebrating the richness of heritage and the beauty of nature's bounty. As we move forward, let's continue to grow together, creating moments of happiness and a legacy of flavorful experiences. Shreevali Agro extends an invitation to embrace tradition, revel in excellence, and make the world sweeter, one mango at a time. Thank you for being part of our journey – where traditions thrive and excellence flourishes.

Note: MANGO..uum pronounced as mango..yum

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