Shreevali Agro®️ Reveals Exclusive BTS of TV Commercials for Premium Alphonso Mangoes

March 5, 2024

First time in history of Indian Fruit and Advertisement Industry!

Shreevali Agro ®️ is revolutionizing the Indian fruit and advertisement sector with an unprecedented release of TV commercials, providing audiences with an exclusive glimpse behind the scenes. These commercials are meticulously crafted to showcase the excellence of our cherished #Premium #Alphonso #Mangoes from Shreevali Agro ®. The allure of the Premium Alphonso Mango is undeniable, captivating taste buds with its exquisite flavor and velvety texture. Renowned as the "King of Mangoes," this tropical delight is celebrated for its rich aroma and succulent flesh. Each bite unveils a harmonious blend of sweetness and tanginess, transporting you to sun-kissed orchards where these prized fruits flourish. This innovative campaign highlights the exceptional quality of our mangoes and offers insight into the creative process behind our advertisements. As pioneers in our industry, we are committed to delivering an unparalleled viewing experience that celebrates the essence of our premium product. Stay tuned as we unveil the magic behind our commercials, inviting you to join us on this exciting journey of flavor, freshness, and innovation.

Celebrating the Essence of Konkan: The DNA of Our Ad Campaign

Our advertising campaign embodies the spirit of Konkan, famed for bestowing upon the world the esteemed Alphonso Mango, also known as the King of Mangoes. Our commercials capture the essence of Konkan's rich cultural heritage, traditional art forms, awe-inspiring architectural wonders, and divine blessings. These elements elevate the stature of Alphonso Mangoes, positioning them as a symbol of excellence on the global stage. We are steadfast in our belief that by showcasing Konkan's intrinsic beauty and significance, we can truly showcase the unparalleled quality and prestige of Alphonso Mangoes, setting a new standard for fruit excellence worldwide.

Aligned with our Vision: Project Sunshine

In line with our overarching vision encapsulated in Project Sunshine, this initiative epitomizes Shreevali Agro®️'s commitment to maximizing returns for all stakeholders. The project is dedicated to empowering our Alphonso Mango Farmers and ensuring their prosperity and well-being. We aim to revolutionize the agricultural landscape through a strategic blend of innovative marketing endeavors, mutually advantageous pricing structures, and the seamless integration of cutting-edge AgriTech solutions. 

By aligning our efforts with Project Sunshine, we uphold our dedication to excellence and foster a sustainable ecosystem where every participant thrives. Together, we embark on a journey toward a brighter, more prosperous future where the principles of fairness, innovation, and sustainability reign supreme.

Preparing for Season 2024: Post-Harvest Infrastructure Highlights

As we eagerly prepare for the much-awaited Alphonso Mango Season 2024, we are excited to share insights into the latest developments in our post-harvest infrastructure. Stay connected for a series of updates unveiling the cutting-edge facilities at our pack-house in Konkan. These enhancements are meticulously designed to uphold the unparalleled freshness and superior quality of our premium Alphonso Mangoes.

In anticipation of the bustling season ahead, our team has been hard at work, implementing state-of-the-art systems and processes to optimize every stage of the post-harvest journey. From innovative sorting and grading techniques to climate-controlled storage solutions, our infrastructure highlights signify a commitment to excellence. 

Watch behind the scene here - Video link

Through our forthcoming posts, we invite you to delve into the intricacies of our advanced infrastructure, meticulously crafted to preserve the natural flavor and nutritional value of our cherished Alphonso Mangoes. Each feature is a testament to our dedication to delivering nothing short of perfection to our valued customers and partners.

Join us on this journey as we showcase the heart and soul behind our operations, ensuring that each mango reaching your table embodies the essence of quality and freshness that defines our brand. Stay tuned for a glimpse into the future of post-harvest excellence in the Alphonso Mango industry.


Shreevali Agro ®️ unveiling the exclusive behind-the-scenes of its TV commercials for premium Alphonso Mangoes marks a significant milestone in the intersection of agriculture and advertising. These commercials not only showcase the excellence of their mangoes but also provide a window into the creative process behind their advertisements. By celebrating the essence of Konkan and aligning with initiatives like Project Sunshine, Shreevali Agro ®️ demonstrates a commitment to excellence, sustainability, and the prosperity of all stakeholders, including farmers.

Looking ahead to Season 2024, the focus on post-harvest infrastructure highlights the dedication to preserving their mangoes' natural flavor and nutritional value. Shreevali Agro®️ sets a new standard for quality and freshness in the Alphonso Mango industry through innovative techniques and state-of-the-art facilities.

As consumers and partners, we're invited to join this journey of flavor, freshness, and innovation, where each mango embodies the essence of Shreevali Agro®️'s commitment to excellence. This glimpse into the future of post-harvest excellence promises a brighter, more prosperous future for all involved in the Alphonso Mango industry.

Note: MANGO..uum pronounced as mango..yum

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